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24hr Emergency Water Heater Pros
24hr Emergency Water Heater Pros
24hr Emergency Water Heater Pros
Water Heater Pro is a locally owned and operated Calgary company, specialising in Water Heating Systems, Water Softeners, Boilers, Hydronic Heating and other appliances, offering better prices and quality products
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Tankless Heater offer
Water Heater Pro Specialise in . . .
  • Hot Water Heater Installer
  • Water Tank Replacement
  • Hot Water Tank Servicing
  • Water Tank Annual Servicing
  • Hot Water Tank Repairs
  • Tankless Heating Installer
  • Combi Boiler Installer
  • Combi Repairs & Servicing
  • Tankless Heater Installer
  • Tankless Repairs & Servicing
  • Combi Boiler Installer
  • Combi Repairs & Servicing
  • Softener Replacements
  • Water Softener Installer
  • Softener Repairs & Servicing
  • Water Heater Replacement
Water Heater Calgary Locations
We are your local Hot Water Heating Specialists serving Calgary, Rocky View County Areas including Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Strathmore, Chestermere, Springbank, Bearspaw, Canmore, Banff and the Bow valley areas
Hot Water
Tank Systems
We are preferred installers for industry leading Hot Water Tank Systems including:
Bradford White   :   AOSmith   :   Rheem
We also deal with John Wood and Giant
We are preferred installers for today's highly rated Tankless Heating Systems
Navien   :   Bradford White   :   Rinnai   :   Noritz
We also deal with IBC and NTI
We work with today's highly rated
Water Softeners, including:

Whirlpool   :   Kinetico

We are a preferred installer for
the highly rated
Hydronic Furnace Systems from iFlow
Combi Boilers
& Boilers
We are preferred installers for industry leading Combi Boiler Brands including:

Navien   :   Rinnai   :   Vesta

Infloor Heating
Enjoy the luxurious feel of warm flooring Flush and Calibration services available to optimize your experience
Looking for instant hot water?
We offer installation and servicing of recirculation systems
Pumps &
We Install and Pump and Panel systems for all infloor heating and boiler systems
IMPORTANT! With so many products on the market, it is easy to become overwhelmed with information, and we want you to feel confident that you'll receive the RIGHT PRODUCT for your needs! Our technicians are happy to walk you through your options to meet the right balance of RIGHT FIT, RIGHT PRICE.

If you receive an estimate that's lower than ours, we ask that you make sure it is the right product for you!
Preferred Installers and Suppliers Include
At Water Heater Pro we put our customers needs first and understand that the appliance you require can add to your financial concerns, with us, there's no hard sell and we only supply our clients with the system and products that suit their needs . . . no more. Upselling is not a part of our practice and our customer feedback shows an appreciation of this.
We are a little old-fashioned at Water Heater Pro and never forget that your repeat business is important to us!
Our Water Heater Pro technicians follow three job rules: Clean Lines, Clean Installs, Clean Sites. Check our recent installs.
Same Day Availability
Disposal Costs Included
Right Product, Right Pricing
Water Heater Warning Signs
Call Us NOW If You Experience Any Of The Following!
  • Water Temperatures Fluctuating for No Reason
  • Leaking or Rusted Tank
  • Flashing Lights on System
  • Noisy Operation
  • Is your tank nearing a decade in age
  • Sudden Spikes in Utility Bills
  • Rusty or Smelly Water
Energy Efficient Water Heating
How can I make my home more Energy Efficient?

A question MANY households are now asking and there are some easy answers. Together we can make your home run more efficiently and save you many dollars each month.

  • Turn down your thermostat : Even by a degree or So
  • Invest in a tankless water heater : The benefits are huge
  • Ensure you have the right-sized water heater
  • Insulate your water tank and pipes
  • Maintain annual water heater servicing : Often overlooked, yet so important
InFloor Radiant Heating

Do you love the feeling of walking on a warm floor in winter? If so, you're not alone. InFloor Radiant Heating is not only energy-efficient, but it provides a level of comfort that many enjoy.

  • Uniform heating
  • No noisy duct work
  • Healthier non-allergenic benefits
  • Energy efficient
  • Lower Heating Costs
Infloor Heating
Outdoor Gas BBQ
Extending that outdoor summer feeling is something would all like to achieve. Additions such as adding a gas feed to your BBQ to ensure you NEVER experience the dreaded empty gas bottle again! Patio heaters, table gas-fires and gas torches all add to to a warm outdoor ambiance.
Custom Water Solutions for
Commercial Operations
Custom Water Solutions are required for many commercial operations, we have the knowledge, understanding and experience to address such requirements to fit your needs.

A example of this is an Equestrian Centre that requires precise levels of lawn moisture to fit the needs of horses
Custom Water Solutions
Water Booster Pumps
Water Pumps have multiple uses

Provides optimal water production for interior and exterior locations in residential settings. Applications include:

  • Booster pumps for boosting low water pressure in municipal and well water systems
  • Hot water recirculation pumps for domestic water supply
  • Hydronic & Boiler Repairs & Replacement Services
Corrective Water Tank Repairs

Whilst Corrective Plumbing can form part of an emergency call, we are recognising more often that clients instinctively know when things are not right or problems persist after the original installer has reviewed the situation.
When this happens it can feel a little overwhelming and you need someone calm and reassuring in your corner who can redress the problem without a fuss

Our Corrective and Emergency Plumbing Calls Include:

  • Assess & Correct Troublesome Installations (Caused by Incorrect Unit Type)
  • Assess & Correct Troublesome Installations (Caused by a Substandard Installation)
  • Lack of hot water following a new installation
  • Insurance Claims
  • Inspection Issues
Corrective Plumbing

Calgary has had a difficult relationship with Tankless Water Heaters in the past. Our high altitude, hard water and cold winter groundwater all have impacts on a units ability to keep up. In the past couple of years systems have caught up with our demands, and Water Heater Pro is now confident to offer units we feel will improve your home experience and save you money. A few important facts about tankless: A tankless water heater will be more energy efficient: Tankless water heaters work entirely on demand. What this means is that your unit will only heat water when you run the shower or turn on the faucet. By contrast, a tank unit requires ongoing heating throughout the day.

Absolutely, this is one of our most asked questions!
We will typically send one of our technicians to site for a free walk-though to confirm correct sizing and venting for the home.

That is the million dollar question with several variables. The common answer to this question in calgary is 8-12 years for a water tank and 12-15 for a tankless. Something such as water softeners, recirculation systems and how often you service your system can effect these numbers in different ways. We are always happy to discuss pros and cons to all systems

Depending on what system you are running, a water softener can have a positive or negative effect on different aspects of your system. A correctly installed water softener will protect your most important plumbing appliances including showers, faucets, water heaters and more. A water softener should never be plumbed into your drinking water or outside hose bibs where the added sodium will influence your drinking and cooking water and harm your plants!

At Water Heater Pro we will always offer options to the homeowner to make sure you have honest information first. Our technicians are happy to offer education on the condition of your tank, and solutions from repairs to replacements and servicing.

If you are looking to save money on your gas bill, a tankless water heater is a great way to find savings in the early to midterm of your home-ownership. We estimate a tankless water heater will provide savings over outlay within the first 1-3 years of installation from an older system, and within 2-4 years of a premature upgrade to a system. Our technicians are always happy to answer questions regarding pros and cons of installations.
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