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We try to get ensure your questions are answered in our website; if you have a question, please contact us and we shall endeavour to include it in our FAQ section

Calgary has had a difficult relationship with Tankless Water Heaters in the past. Our high altitude, hard water and cold winter groundwater all have impacts on a units ability to keep up. In the past couple of years systems have caught up with our demands, and Water Heater Pro is now confident to offer units we feel will improve your home experience and save you money. A few important facts about tankless: A tankless water heater will be more energy efficient: Tankless water heaters work entirely on demand. What this means is that your unit will only heat water when you run the shower or turn on the faucet. By contrast, a tank unit requires ongoing heating throughout the day.

Absolutely, this is one of our most asked questions!
We will typically send one of our technicians to site for a free walk-though to confirm correct sizing and venting for the home.

That is the million-dollar question with several variables. The common answer to this question in calgary is 8-12 years for a water tank and 12-15 for a tankless. Something such as water softeners, recirculation systems and how often you service your system can effect these numbers in different ways. We are always happy to discuss pros and cons to all systems

Depending on what system you are running, a water softener can have a positive or negative effect on different aspects of your system. A correctly installed water softener will protect your most important plumbing appliances including showers, faucets, water heaters and more. A water softener should never be plumbed into your drinking water or outside hose bibs where the added sodium will influence your drinking and cooking water and harm your plants!

At Water Heater Pro we will always offer options to the homeowner to make sure you have honest information first. Our technicians are happy to offer education on the condition of your tank, and solutions from repairs to replacements and servicing.

If you are looking to save money on your gas bill, a tankless water heater is a great way to find savings in the early to mid-term of your home-ownership. We estimate a tankless water heater will provide savings over outlay within the first 1-3 years of installation from an older system, and within 2-4 years of a premature upgrade to a system. Our technicians are always happy to answer questions regarding pros and cons of installations.

Any permits or inspections needed to complete the job are covered in our fees and handled accordingly.