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24hr Emergency Water Heater Pros
24hr Emergency Water Heater Pros
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RIGHT TANK, at the RIGHT PRICE. Too often we see people offered the wrong tank to fit their purpose! Our qualified technicians ask the right questions to get you the right tank.

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Accurate & Quick Diagnostics of a problem will ensure your appliance is up and running fast, reducing unnecessary lengthy visits

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Water Heater Pro offer GREAT DEALS and most importantly peace-of-mind that the CORRECT Tankless System has been installed.

Our well-trained, knowledgeable team will ensure you get the system that is RIGHT for your needs at the right price, whether you require a tank, tankless, combi boiler, hydronic furnace, boiler or pump.

How are we different? If we can repair the problem, we'll let you know rather than quickly suggest a new tank!
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Our Residential Tankless Heating System Brands and Partners Include

Navien are industry leaders offering reliability and highly efficient tankless water heaters that are AFUE 95% Energy Star certified. Their modern technology and long warranties makes Navien one of our most popular units.

Navien Tankless
Bradford White
Bradford White

One of the industry leaders Bradford White tanks deliver reliability, longevity, as well as being one of the most energy efficient tanks available.



Rinnai tankless hot water heaters are built to commercial-grade standards that offer dependability.

Rinnai Tankless
How Do Tankless Systems Work?

A hot tap/faucet is turned on

Water is drawn through the heater

The flow sensors detect the water flow

The burner ignites

Water circulates the heat exchanger

The water is heated to the pre-set desired temperature

Water flows immediately to the tap/faucet

The hot tap/faucet is turned off

The tankless system stops heating any further water

No water is stored in the unit

What are the
Advantages of a Tankless Hot Water System?
  • On Demand Hot Water
    (no more worrying about your position in line for the shower!)
  • Long-term cost savings
    (as you would no longer need to gallons of water heated)
  • Water Conservation
    (no wasting water waiting for the hot water to arrive)
  • Reduced Costs
    (No energy spent filling & heating a large tank capacity)
  • No 'running out' of water
    as it is 'on demand'
  • Reduced risk of rusting
    (water does NOT constantly sit within the tank)
  • Cleaner water
    (no rust particles as the unit ages)
  • Extended Unit Life
    (lack of water sitting with the unit, unlike regular tank system)
  • Space Saving
    (Approx. a fifth of the size of a regular tank system)
  • Lower risk of leaks
    (due to no water held within the unit)
Tankless Advantages
Tankless Systems
About Tankless Hot Water Systems

Tankless Water Heaters are fast becoming the type of water heater many people are moving to. The main reason being the reduction in heating costs due to its excellent energy efficiency features, which is the result of only heating the water you require and no more. They do not preheat water and store it (in a tank) for times when it is needed.

Many tankless systems, particularly brands such as Navien, have exciting new technology that stores a small amount of water to ensure instant hot water and safety measures to prevent freezing. Due to their efficiency and reliable 'On Demand' feature, Tankless Water Heaters are rising in popularity in Canada; they have been the norm for Hot Water Heating in much of Europe and Japan for some time.

If your household uses 41 gallons of hot water or less in a day, a tankless water heater use can be 24 to 34 percent more energy efficient than a conventional tank water heater.

In households with a high daily hot water demand of approximately 86 gallons per day, a tankless water heaters use can be 8 to 14 percent more energy efficient than using a tank style water heater.

Warranties and Customer Satisfaction

The water heater and softener brands we install, and support are built to cope with Calgary’s hard water, severe weather, and high altitude.

All materials and products supplied by Water Heater Pro are covered by the manufacturer's own warranties. The duration of any warranty is dependent on the system type and manufacturer. Warranty durations between manufacturers can vary from 6 YEARS to 25 YEARS and are discussed at the time of estimating. Basic conditions of any warranty (such as recorded annual servicing) are highlighted at the time of install. Extended warranties will likely incur such conditions to remain valid.

Whenever necessary and appropriate, Water Heater Pro will contact manufacturers for its customers regarding warranty issues and queries.
For your peace-of-mind, you will also have a TWO-YEAR WARRANTY on any defects arising from a faulty installation or repair works. (Unless otherwise agreed with the client at the time of installation). In the unlikely case of any defect arising from faulty installation or repair work occurring within the guarantee period, our customers are always treated as a priority and are dealt with at the earliest possible convenience. Problems which arise outside the company’s standard guarantee period may also be rectified free of charge, or at a partial charge, at the company’s discretion.

Water Heater Warning Signs
If you have ANY of the following issues CALL US
  • Water Temperatures Fluctuations
  • Flashing Lights on System
  • Noisy Operation
  • Sudden Spikes in Utility Bills
  • Leaking or Rusted Unit
  • Rusty or Smelly Water
Water Heater Warning Signs

Navien Water Heaters Calgary

NAVIEN NPE 210S High Efficiency Condensing Water Heater 210 BTU

Navien Tankless

NAVIEN NPE 240S High Efficiency Condensing Water Heater 240 BTU
../img/bw-tankless-images/bradford white infiniti-tankless-water-heater-199000-high-altitude-6-year-parts-15-year-heat-exchanger-warranty.png

Bradford White Heater

BRADFORD WHITE Infiniti Tankless Water Heater 199000 High Altitude 6 Year Parts, 15 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty

Rinnai Tankless Heater

RINNAI Sensei Tankless 199,000 BTUH High Altitude