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24hr Emergency Water Heater Pros
24hr Emergency Water Heater Pros
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Benefits of an Energy Star Rated Tankless Heating System

An ENERGY STAR certified tankless water heater uses 30% less energy, on average, than a storage tank type. Saving energy saves money and reduces your carbon footprint.

  • Key features
  • Rated with an energy factor (EF). The higher the EF, the more efficient the water heater.
  • Doesn’t require a storage tank. Units heat flowing water only when required, using a gas burner, and essentially providing endless hot water.
  • Helpful tips
  • Get your water heater serviced once every year or two by a qualified professional (Consult your owner’s manual for information).
  • Buy the right size. Consult with an experienced plumber to estimate the hot water demands in your home.


All ENERGY STAR certified products are tested to meet strict efficiency specifications and are certified by an independent third party. They perform the same as or better than standard products without compromising performance in any way.

Water heater costs
How Can I Reduce My Heating Costs?

Water heaters have evolved leaps and bounds in the past 25 years. It is very easy to replace a tank for a tank, and sometimes that's the right thing to do; However homeowners are leaning more and more towards more efficient water and home heating solutions both as methods to save money in the short term, and maximise the value of their home to a potential buyer if your looking to move in the market.

The Often Overlooked Service

It goes without saying that we all try to reduce our outgoings; however, one often overlooked service, would reduce your heating energy costs.

Annual Heating Appliance Servicing will not just extend the life of your system, but a GOOD ANNUAL SERVICE will help your system to run at its peak performance

Please Call Us to get some of the best Serving Packages Available

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